Only Life Can Buy Life

Daenerys sacrifices 3 lives for her dragons to be born. 1st one is Drogo, 2nd one is Mirri Maz Duur. which one is the 3rd? As I understand it, it cannot be Rhaego as his live was already used to save Drogo. and you cannot buy two things with the same coin. but it also cannot be, in my opinion, Drogo's horse - as the life of a horse doesn't seem to hold the same weight as the life of a human, or does it? so which is the 3rd life? is it Daenerys' willingness to walk into the flames?


I’ve finally watched Deadwood and I *love* it!!!! It has to be the best show HBO *ever* made.
Granted, I didn’t feel like this about it from the beginning.
I’ve recently had a break from watching some of my shows and wanted to try sth new.
To fill the gap between seasons of Game of Thrones:)
So I looked up the 1st season and downloaded the first 2 episodes.
I watched the 1st and was rather put off by it. The people were filthy and were behaving obscenely. Farting and barfing and pissing in the street. I was positively disgusted and couldn’t imagine how someone might enjoy watching this. I decided it wasn’t for me, but after a couple of days, I decided that if my cousin liked it so (and let’s be honest he's been right all along with A song of Ice and Fire) and if my aunt liked it so, then there must be sth to it.
So I watched the 2nd episode and it was even worse than the 1st one!
I admit the production quality was superb! And the music was engaging but the characters were so dirty – both literally and figuratively!
So a couple of days passed and I thought I wasn’t going to watch any more episodes, but I kept talking about it! To everybody! Everyday! I couldn’t shake it. I talked about it at home. I talked about it at work. I called my sis and told her what an awful HBO show I’ve just seen;) So after a week of it constantly being on my mind and somehow weaseling itself into my every conversation, I watched the next 2 episodes and if you remember what happens at the end of episode 4 – you know I just couldn’t leave it at that. I was done with the 1st season by the end of that 2nd week. The 2nd season took me a couple of days and the 3rd season – since I knew it was (alas!) the last – I stretched to last more than a few days. But still it took me less than a month to get through the entire series.

I have to admit the 3rd season was slightly disappointing and the 2nd season was a sort of disillusionment for the romantic pairing I involuntarily started shipping so hard at the end of the 1st season!! I mean, I remember how my cousin advertised this show for me – that it was about the creation of society and mostly about these two men; and I asked about the women characters – if there were any strong female characters on this show; and he said there were some, but it was mostly about these men. So I wasn’t expecting much from Alma Garret or Trixie – and thus I was completely taken by surprise with the romantic tension that started appearing in the scenes between Alma and Bullock.

Also I wasn’t expecting I’d be so emotionally swept by the storylines.
I mean, the season 1 finale was so superbly crafted – with the tensions rising constantly throughout the 60minutes with *all* the storylines, so that when Bullock punches Alma’s father to a pulp and then in that scene in the thoroughfare picks up the sheriff star from the mud – I laughed out loud! There was no better reaction to it, just a complete release of feelings. But then that’s not even the end – only halfway into the episode! Because after that you have Bullock and Alma kiss! And the passing of the Reverend and that gut-wrenching scene with Doc Cochran and the emotional turmoil with Al. Perfection!

I get pretty attached to characters that you start the show with, so it took me a while to get used to the newer ones – especially Cy and Joanie. And I think I missed the rambling Reverend up until the end of the show. But surprisingly someone who started as the most grating character of all – Calamity Jane – grew on me as the seasons progressed and by the time she leaves Deadwood and you don’t know if she’s coming back, I felt really sad.

I already downloaded Kings, but haven’t watched it yet; but I started watching Justified and while it’s not up to par with Deadwood – nothing really is! It’s pretty entertaining in it’s own right. Timothy Olyphant plays a similar character – just 150 years removed.

Sean *freakin* Bean!!!

This week I have been attending a week-long training in a different part of the city from where I work, so I was extra-attentive when driving - looking for landmarks and the like. I'm not all that good with navigation - yet! so the first day, when I was looking for my turn - and almost missed it! - I marked the building by which to turn because of a huge billboard on it's side for your standard local tv show. that was on Monday. On Wednesday, my billboard changed into 2 smaller ones and got me all confused. Luckily by then I was almost sure of where I was going, but still was looking cautiously around. and lo and behold!! on Friday, right where I'm supposed to turn, there's a huge billboard again!! with SEAN BEAN!!!!! for GAME OF THRONES!!! I started shouting and laughing really hard - and almost didn't check if I had the green light for my right turn. This simply made my day!!!! my week!!! going on next:) I would've stopped and taken a picture with my phone if it wasn't raining and I hadn't been sure it would not have been of much use, because of quality, but oh man! Sean *freakin* Bean!!!!!

Medium Finale

I'm going to pretend it did not air. that the show got cancelled after 7x12 - a good, solid, standard episode.
the finale? sth special? better yet sth jarring.
I can understand the beauty of ending the show with Allison and Joe meeting as ghosts to enter their eternal life together.
Allison: You waited.
Joe: Of course.
it was beautiful. poignant. but they could've arrived at that scene with 40 years later for joe and then a year later for allison - or even a day later - which would've been much more consistent with the heart of the show.
the family was the heart of the show. not the ghostly stories of the week. not the paranormal but the very normal.

thus, I refuse to believe that ep even exists and am fine to consider s7 cut short at 12.

thank you for 6 wonderful years and this uneven last batch of episodes.

btw, what's the point of having Ariel in an episode just to see her on the phone with a big belly as a show of time?! like that's the only way to show progress of time with an intelligent woman like Ariel.

Bridget, while not a show stealer like her older on screen sibling - you gotta admit when Ariel left and they tried eps with Bridget being the main gal, they didn't quite work - her absence was sure felt in this last ep.

uneven final conclusion to a wonderfully heartfelt show about family, commitment, love and understanding - and dreams.

off the map - horrible! - off my map!

rachelle lefevre - wonderful!
caroline dhavernas - soulful, yet a bit over the top, I'll put that to bad writing
zach gilford - fine acting, nothing special though
mamie gummer - intriguing, could grow to be my favorite (just as sandra oh's character on greys). restrained yet pained. my cuppa tea.
jason george - horribly irritating
valerie cruz - I'm on the verge of starting to hate that fake accent, it's sexy but hokey as well!
and that leaves us to McBland a.k.a. martin henderson - just blah. completely lacklustre.

so yeah, off my schedule. I gave you 3 eps which is 1 more that I usually give a new show.

Don is back to being himself!!!!

I had to laugh out loud!! with last Sunday episode!!! Don is back to being himself!!!! After all the tension and wonderful moments of truthfulness and confessions we had a surprisingly wonderful almost chilly little scene at the end with Don reverting to his season 1 self - is that for good or just a little lapse? was all the progress he made just a phase? is the absence of Peggy so destructive to Don? love the ep - kept me on edge, kept me pensive and that last scene just allowed me to let it all out in a laugh!!

hawaii 5-0

hugely underwhelming, bad fight sequences - truly terrible. how they managed to make James Marsters look so bad fighting is beyond me!! Grace looked fabulous! so did Alex O'Loughlin. but lo and behold it's Scott Caan who's the star of this show. William Sadler was also very underused in the Pilot hour. here's hoping he's gonna be featured in some flashback scenes for the brooding main hero.